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Governance & P3M

Client-side assurance

Effective governance and control underpins all successful projects and programmes.

APM-accredited, TGG has over 20 years’ experience managing programmes and projects, stakeholders, budgets, suppliers and risk across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Our portfolio, programme and project (P3M) maturity model shows you exactly where you are – and where you’d like to be – as an organisation.


TGG team members play key governance roles at corporate, programme and project level. Our shared understanding of governance across a range of contexts means stakeholders get a truly joined up approach.

We make the connections between business needs and technology-enabled programme management. Our objective is to assure your IT investment generates business value while mitigating the risks associated with technology projects.


Programmes and projects need a robust framework if they are to succeed. By bringing together a set of roles, processes, functions, services and techniques, TGG facilitates effective portfolio, programme and projects management (P3M) through its enablement, challenge and support structures. These structures bridge the gap between the strategy, the policy makers, and the delivery arm of any organisation.

TGG also offers a P3M Maturity Model auditing service, designed to help unlock greater portfolio, programme and projects management office (P3O) value, and make your organisational programme portfolio work even harder. Click here to find out more.

Infrastructure & Applications

On-premise, cloud and mobile

TGG consultants typically each have 20+ years of experience working with world-class software solutions such as SAP and Oracle. We’ve also worked on PC refresh and application rationalisation programmes globally and regionally.

We understand the risks and challenges transformation programmes of all types bring, and we know how to address them effectively.

To help us and our clients, we have developed tools, methods and best-practices focused on delivering the outcomes organisations need and want.


TGG enables complex business change through the optimal organisation of people, processes and tools. This is supported by strong governance and assurance that underpins everything we do. Given the infrastructure costs often incurred by technology-enabled change, such an approach is essential. Whether it’s an enterprise-wide refresh of all your PCs and laptops, a move from on-premise to cloud, or the roll out of tablets to mobile team members, TGG consultants and managers can help.


Yes, we know a lot about SAP and Oracle. Most TGG team members have been deeply involved in the same ERP-enabled world you’ve experienced over the past 30 years. Like you, though, we’ve continued to evolve and learn. We are increasingly involved in a much wider range of applications and technology transformation initiatives. These include GDPR compliance programmes, ERP cloud migrations, and Office 365 deployments. TGG also supports rapid mobile application design, development and deployment.

Learning & Development

Systems and processes, skills and behaviours

We provide training and learning solutions to organisations actively transforming the way they do business.

Our objective is to increase organisational capability holistically across people, processes and technology.

Our team’s unique set of skills and experience enables us to offer an end-to- end solution for organisations. Working collaboratively with you, we create a step-by-step learning and development road map that shows you how to achieve your vision of success.

We’re a high-performance team that hits the ground running. We can help you and your teams become high-performance ones, too.

System and process training

System and process enablement is at the very heart of business transformation. TGG has many years’ experience preparing people to work effectively and efficiently with SAP and Oracle. We also offer managed learning services supporting enterprise SaaS solutions.

With technology-enabled business transformation, planning effective training and knowledge transfer needs to start very early in the programme life-cycle. Given the special opportunities these programmes offer you and your business, it’s axiomatic that learning should be baked into what you’re doing from the very earliest of stages.

To get the most out of your investment, don’t just focus on end user training and go live. You need to prepare your programme team, too. Do they really have the skills and competencies – technical and non-technical – to lead and communicate on, design, develop, build, deliver, and live with, what you are investing so much time and money in?

The approaches and tools we use are central to our success. That’s why TGG uses world-class, tried-and-tested adoption and enablement tools to accelerate content development, training delivery, and long-term business support.

Organisational learning and development

As well as technology and process enablement, organisations need to enable their people too. Our learning and development services enable personal, team and leadership capabilities, and range from stand-alone courses to longer-term programmes. On longer-term programmes, we are your L&D business partner, helping you build the right skills and capabilities that drive behavioural change. This helps keep strategy, values and behaviours all aligned.

Our personal development and team building courses cover areas like project management, customer service, influential communication, presentation skills, train the trainer and resilience, to name just a few.

Our bespoke leadership programmes are built on an understanding of your business needs, your current capabilities and challenges, and your organisational goals. We then design programmes that have quantifiable results and linked to your key performance indicators.

TGG L&D programmes are designed, developed and delivered using a rich array of solutions. These include drama-based learning, assessment and development centres, coaching, profiling and 360 ° feedback, and elearning. We even run traditional classroom-based events, too!

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